American Pie Pittsburghs Favorite Oldies Band

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American Pie is Pittsburgh’s Favorite Oldies Band.

Performing memorable songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

We have been entertaining the tri-state area and beyond since 1989. 

We are the perfect entertainment choice for your event, whether it be festivals, community days, clubs/bars, anniversaries, birthdays or any other theme you might have.  

Click on the “Contact Us” button or call the telephone number provided to check for availability and rates.

See our upcoming events below. Come out and enjoy one of our performances.  

American Pie has made a number of recordings over the years. Just click on some of the songs below to hear what the band sounds like.  

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American Pie is alive and well. We were experiencing problems with our website for several months in early 2018. We apologize to anyone that tried contacting us and didn’t get a response. To check on our availability for your event, you can email us by clicking the “Contact Us” button. Then add your name and email address and let us know what you have in mind. We are now booking for 2019.happen.!!!!! 

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CD and song download section


Over the years we have created 7 CD's and although we dont have them for public consumtion at our jobs .....

You can find each of the cd's and all of the songs on the following pages for downloading to your favorite MP3 collection...

Click on the title to play on your device

Click on download to add to your device , and collection...forever  :-)  

Thanks for listening. 

Live and Wired at the Battam

Recorded Live in Lyndora Pa on Frida April 20, 2001

The chance to record a live show, and to capture the entertainment  value of American Pie just could'nt slip by. 

We had a great time with a great crowd, and now we have the memories...